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THE GAME OF LIFE OR DEATH (A Detective Series) (Book 3)

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Detective Jacob Hayden is back in another heart pounding adventure that takes him on the most turbulent emotional rollercoaster ride of his life.


Family Secrets


Detective Jacob Hayden gets the call that the Rule family has been murdered. He’s known them his whole life and is devastated by the news. Upon arriving at the scene, he’s tormented at the sight of their slain bodies and vows to relentlessly hunt for their killers. But when it’s discovered that a thirty year-old videotape may hold the secrets as to why they were executed, Jacob will learn that not everything he knew about this family was real. Even more puzzling, he needs to understand why the Russian mafia will stop at nothing to get their hands on the same videotape.


Wanna Play?


As Jacob takes to solving the Rules’ murders, he has even more to contend with. The mystery man who has been sending him threatening letters makes his reveal. He goes by the name, The Game, and he wants Jacob to play the game of all games. The game is very simple: the last man standing wins with his life…


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