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THE GAME OF LIFE OR DEATH (A Detective Series) (Book 3)

Detective Jacob Hayden is back in another heart pounding adventure that takes him on the most turbulent emotional rollercoaster ride of his life.


Detective Jacob Hayden is left reeling when he receives news that the Rule family, whom he’s known his entire life, has been brutally murdered. As he arrives at the gruesome crime scene, the sight of their lifeless bodies intensifies his determination to find their killer. However, things take a sinister turn when a thirty-year-old video tape surfaces, revealing a secret that challenges everything Jacob thought he knew about the family. To make matters worse, the Russian mafia is also after the tape, willing to go to any length to obtain it.

As if the investigation wasn’t already complicated enough, Jacob must also deal with a mysterious individual known only as, The Game. This unknown adversary has been sending him threatening letters and challenges Jacob to a high-stakes game of survival, with only one person left standing at the end. With everything at risk, Jacob must race against time to solve the murders, uncover the family’s secrets, and outsmart his dangerous opponent in a deadly game of cat and mouse, or, as, The Game, would put it, Life or Death. 

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